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4 Reasons Behind Slow Adoption of IoT

4 Reasons Behind Slow Adoption of IoT

4 Reasons Behind Slow Adoption of IoT

How is everything going to change when IoT will completely take over our lives? Every device, machine, animal or even human will somehow be directly connected to the Internet.

One very large problem world-wide is that business owners – even government entities – have not realized that IoT is not simply IT. This puts all of us at risks with cybersecurity.

It Takes Time and Money

First things first, reality is that the Internet of Things is not cheap.

A big issue is time.

It’s Hard To See the Benefits

One thing that every business does, is studying their competitors. Actually, in order to run a successful business, you definitely have to do that.

IoT Lacks Standardization

IoT Still Lacks Specialists

Take the Internet as you know it. There are literally millions of web developers and web designers out there, making it  very affordable to create a simple web page for almost anything.

The number of people that can actually perform correct I0T procedure is very limited.


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