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College Students and Instructors on Library Use: Infographic

College Students and Instructors on Library Use: Infographic

A Comparison of College Student and Instructor Feedback on Library and Research - Infographic by Cengage Learning,


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7 Steps To A Truly Effective Leadership Style

7 Steps To A Truly Effective Leadership Style

By Rebecca Hourston

“If you’ve ever been led by a Mushroom (everyone’s in the dark), a Seagull (swoops in, squawks and dumps), or a Kipper (two-faced and gutless), you’ll be all too aware of the leadership style you don’t want to be known for.”

Style and Substance

The substance of what you do—the result you deliver—is pretty fundamental in today’s economy. But working on the way that you do it is what will launch you into a different sphere of success altogether—even if you already count yourself as pretty successful.

The leadership style you choose to use (and yes, to a great extent, it is an active choice you can make) has a direct impact on the result you achieve. It is what makes you memorable to others and fulfilled within yourself.

Redefining What’s “Best”

So what can you do to develop your own leadership style into one that will be highly prized? Here are seven steps to selecting the best leadership style, with tips for putting those steps into action.

1. Be Bold

2. Be Strengths-Savvy

3. Stretch Your Leadership Style

4. Be “Going Somewhere”

5. Be Follower-Focused

6. Be Balanced

7. Be True to You

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Which Popular Twitter Type Are You: Curator, Promoter or Social Butterfly?

Which Popular Twitter Type Are You: Curator, Promoter or Social Butterfly?

“With 302 million monthly active users sending half a billion tweets per day, you can bet that there are personalities of all types on Twitter. Some, however, are more popular than others, as people tend to group together in how they tweet.

So which one of these three popular Twitter types are you?”

1. Curator

2. Promoter

3. Social Butterfly


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How to Exponentially Increase Your Influence

How to Exponentially Increase Your Influence

“Leaders frequently make miscalculations in trying to influence change. Too often, they bet on a single source of influence rather than tap into a diverse arsenal of strategies. Our research shows that the main variable in success or failure is not which sources of influence leaders choose. By far, the more important factor is how many.”



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9 things you can do every day to be more productive


9 things you can do every day to be more productive

“Skip the meetings
Meetings are great for brainstorming and face-to-face interaction, except when they’re not. Go to the meetings you need to go to (and be present, don’t look at your phone). But skip the ones where a trusted colleague can easily speak or take notes on your behalf.

Take a break outside
It sounds counterintuitive when your day is jam-packed, but try to make time to get outside at least once during your workday, even if the weather is bad, or if its only for five minutes. Its like hitting the “reset” button on your brain. A brisk walk around the block (sans email or texting) can instantly refresh your perspective and creativity. For instance, I schedulewalking meetings with our editor-in-chief, which have spurred some of our best ideas for the business.

Keep a tidy desktop
By this I mean both your computer’s desktop and youractual desktop. If you know where things are, you won’t waste valuable time searching for them. A tidy desk means a tidy mind, and a tidy mind is better prepared to handle the chaos of a busy day.

Start your day early
Get into work early and schedule one to two hours with zero interruptions. This gives you a set time to get through emails and complete outstanding to-dos. In return, this will open up time during the day for meetings, and other unplanned requests.

Never be a bottleneck
Your team’s productivity is reflective of your own. Always make sure you’re giving them what they need to get their work done, before focusing on your own projects.

Always over communicate

Whether you are asking if you can skip a meeting or what the highest priorityy on your to-do list should be, asking rather than assuming helps avoid wasting time that could have been spent elsewhere.

Turn your phone on silent
Oh, the horror! You will surviveI promise. I keep my phone on silent all day (except for actual phone calls in case of an emergency) and only look to answer texts and social media requests when I have free time. If you are constantly being distracted by the buzz and ping of alerts, youre not going to get anything done.

Live and breathe by your calendar
Find a calendar app that you love and use it to schedule just about anything. This way, you’ll always know the amount of time you have throughout the day to work on projects, attend meetings, etc. One of our editors swears by the app, Sunrise because it also syncs with a bunch of other apps, like Foursquare, LinkedIn LNKD -0.44% and Facebook FB -1.32% .

Limit your direct reports
Too many direct reports, actually leads to no direct reports. Meaning, you won’t have time for any of them if youre trying to make time for all of them. I try to limit my direct reports to five, so I have ample time to fit in one-on-ones and understand the challenges across the business.”


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Global Wearable Device Market Share

Global Wearable Device Market Share




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Friday Fun: The Best-Sellers Lists Explained (video)

The Best-Sellers Lists Explained (video)

“Did you ever wonder why certain titles got on to the various best sellers lists?

If you suspected that there was an evil cabal secretly manipulating the list then you would be correct. As Studio C explains, books are added to the list not due to merit or sales but by a committee that is acting to its own ends.




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