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Millennials: My Favourite Topic

OK, I just can’t let this one go by. I always catch the research done by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. You can even subscribe to their many blogs and RSS feeds there.
Anyway, the latest one is announced in their press release “Teens Forge Forward with the Internet and Other New Technologies” which notes that the number of teenagers using the Internet has grown 24% in the past four years and 87% of those between the ages of 12 and 17 are online. A few highlights from the press release are:
…About 21 million teens use the Internet and half of them say they go online every day.
…51% of online teens live in homes with broadband connections.
…81% of wired teens play games online, which is 52% higher than four years ago.
…76% of online teens get news online, which is 38% higher than four years ago
…43% have made purchases online, which is 71% higher than four years ago.
…31% use the Internet to get health information, which is 47% higher than four years ago.
This latest data continues to support Judy Luther’s and my cover story for Library Journal, Born With A Chip, about Millennials and their behaviours.
This is exactly why we are doing what we’re doing in libraries today with technoloogy. We’re staying in tune and in line with our users and emerging users.
Sirsi had Lee Rainie of Pew as the keynote on our executive track sessions at the Sirsi SuperConference in 2005. I am thrilled that Lee will be returning in 2006 at the Sirsi Nashville SuperConference.
The full report is free here. It’s a worthwhile read.

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