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Maps and Neighborhood Branches

I am really enjoying the rapid development of online map tools.
Many of us couldn’t find our way around our own cities without MapQuest. Not just the map but the directions too!
I wonder how many libraries of all types still just have their mailing address on their websites. Is that helpful enough?
I wonder how many cities and towns on Google Maps have the locations of all their public library branches there when you look for library, libraries, books or bookstores? I recall reading a study once that said only a minority of websites showed how to get to the bricks equivalent. I understand that Google Local is populated by a business listing database like the Yellow Pages or InfoUSA. Many libraries aren’t listed there so they won’t show up in Google Local search yet.
And here’s an idea for our kids sites at least, wouldn’t it be fun (and kewl) to have the satellite photos of our libraries?
One site that can arguably be considered a competitor to libraries is It recently launched (through A9) a new three dimensional photo map of major U.S. city neighourhoods. You can see it here. Also, Google Maps is doing a 3D map of San Francisco to start. I guess you could create a great video game using this map but it also makes it easier to know that you’re heading in the right direction is you can see the scenery on the picture through your SmartPhone.
I worry, sometimes, that we can find things on the moon faster than we can find our local library locations on web. Check it our here .
Anyway, these mapping tools are certainly good tricks that we can adopt in our portals to help our patrons using their clicks to find our bricks.

Posted on: August 26, 2005, 8:04 am Category: Uncategorized

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