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Offline for a week

I’ll be offline for a week starting Thursday in the Rockies at Emerald Lake, BC for the Northern Exposure to Leadership Institute (NELI). There’s poor web access deep in the mountains and we mentors are supposed to focus on the learners at the Institute so I’ll try to stay focused.
SirsiDynix is a long time sponsor of NELI. You can learn more about NELI here.
This is my 4th time attending this transformational experience. It is just awesome. One of the library world’s great lesaders and mentors, Ernie Ingles of the University of Alberta, is the founder of the Institute. Here’s what NELI tries to do:
To contribute to the vitality, growth and success of the library profession well into the 21st century, by positioning professionals to be proactive, effective and consequential voices in a dynamic and sophisticated information environment.
To motivate professional librarians in order to assist them in developing, strengthening and exercising their individual leadership abilities so that they are better prepared to create, articulate and achieve organizational visions for the benefit of library service, initially, and society at large, ultimately.
There have been a few dissertations and theses on NELI showing it has a strong positive impact on the profession in Canada. I am always energized by the new colleagues I meet at NELI so I am quite excited to be going again.
Anyway, I’ll emerge from an overnight flight to give the keynote at the Ohio Library Association Conference on Oct. 5th as well as a Millennials conversation there on the 6th. If you’re in Columbus at the conference, say hi.


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