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Which bloggers do I read?

People are aways asking how to keep up with new technology or library trends. I subscribe to a few key periodicals and newsletters. I find blogs the best though. You just let the postings wash over you and remain open to patterns and repeats. I suppose there’s a bit of the wisdom of crowds in this method. At the CODI Directors Day last Sunday, I promised the group that I would blog my list of blogs that I read in my aggregator (Bloglines). So here’s the list I promised at CODI. No secrets here – I am truly a bigtime library geek. Although it looks like a lot, it never takes more than 20-25 minutes a day (usually just before falling asleep) to scan and review. If you see any great blogs missing, tell me and the rest of us in the comments.
Bloglines | News
Library Stuff
ONLINE Insider
Wigblog – Things Internet and Otherwise by Richard Wiggins
The Pod Bay Door
walking paper
The Shifted Librarian
Tame the Web: Libraries and Technology
Lorcan Dempsey’s weblog
Pop Goes the Library
Library Journal | Reed Business Information
It’s all good
Internet News
Kenton Good
dave’s blog
Shore News Commentary
The Days & Nights of the Lipstick Librarian!
Free Range Librarian
Neat New Stuff on the Net – Weekly Reviews of New Sites by Marylaine Block
The Kept-Up Academic Librarian
Digital Reference
Outsell Now
Confessions of a Mad Librarian
technogeekery for librarians
open-ils blog
Information Today, Inc. Blog
Quædam cuiusdam
scitech library question
Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large
Lessig Blog
Drawn! The Illustration Blog
Wireless Libraries
Wanderings of a Student Librarian
Information Wants To Be Free
Library Voice
Librarians’ Rx
eclectic librarian
all noise all the time
PubSub: libraries or library
The InfoMan’s Blog
Creative Librarian
Open Stacks
A Wandering Eyre
Library Dust
Pew Internet and American Life Project: Reports Feed
Pew Internet and American Life Project: Releases Feed
Pew Internet and American Life Project: Presentations
Pew Internet and American Life Project: All
Infotoday Newsbreak RSS Feeds
ALA | American Libraries
Confessions of a Science Librarian
Library Boy
Inforumed – The FIS Inforum Blog
Loomware – Crafting New Libraries
ILL News
Librarian Toolkit
Library Grrrls
Library Web Chic
LIScareer News
NexGen Librarian
Open Access News
The Reflective Librarian
Retrofitted Librarian
Young Librarian
Baby Boomer Librarian
Feel-good Librarian
The Distant Librarian
Connie Crosby
The Ten Thousand Year Blog
Walt at Random
Christopher Kupec’s Weblog
Listen Up!
The Handheld Librarian
How to Save the World
Rambling Librarian :: Incidental Thoughts of a Singapore Liblogarian
lbr weblog
Biz Stone, Genius
Fast Company Now
Charlene Li’s Blog
Alan Meckler
JupiterResearch Analyst Weblogs
SIVACRACY.NET: Opinions, Rants, and Obsessions of Siva Vaidhyanathan and his Fri
Stephen’s Lighthouse
Boing Boing
Doc Searls Weblog
PLA Blog
Jenny Levine: Libraries
Digitization 101
APM’s Future Tense
j’s scratchpad
Library Supporter
EFA Blog
INFOhio Symposium 2005
Library Conferences Blog
You’re It!
The Well Dressed Librarian
Digital Odyssey Blog
Chief Blogging Officer
Official Google Blog – Sharing the knowledge that makes up the University
RFID in Libraries
Canuck Librarian
Kenton Good: Life
Normative Data
SLA 2005 Conference Blog
TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home
Hidden Peanuts
Library Marketing-Thinking Outside the Book
Random Access Mazar
Christina’s LIS Rant
The FRBR Blog
A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette
libdev Comments
MSN Search’s WebLog
Yahoo! Search blog
OH!Libraries: Spotlight on Ohio library services
Normative Data
Musings of a High Tech Hick
LibTalk Blog
Library Bitch
Sirsi Corporation – Stephen Abram Articles and Presentations
Pew Internet & American Life Project
Silkworm Blog
Talis Infrablog
The Wonderful World of Mr C
Seth’s Blog
Creative Commons Blog
The Snotty Girls Book Club
New Urban Legends
Library Juice
The Red Ferret Journal
Weibel Lines
Librarian Avengers
Creating Passionate Users
The Information Literacy Land of Confusion
Libraries for Dummies
Search Engine Watch Blog
Darlene’s Blog on the Side
AL Online News
Canadian Electronic Reserves
Library Technology NOW
Search Engine Strategies
Librarian Way
ALA Techsource Blog
The Industrial Librarian
Game On: Games in Libraries
Tribulations of a Public Librarian
Change of Subject
Uncover the Net Blog
The Gordian Knot
Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger
Thinking about the Future
Fiddling Librarian 3.0
The Long Tail
See Also
LibraryCrunch – Web Design and Development
beyond bullets
Oh. . . and don’t ask me for my favourites. I can’t possibly choose.

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  1. I write a mix of analytical and informational posts at Science Library Pad

  2. Great, thanks for sharing Stephen! You might also consider exporting your list of feeds as an OPML file and posting it, which would allow folks to suck up the whole list into the aggregator of their choice…

  3. Steve, thanks for posting. You might want to put a link to your Bloglines (public) blogroll in with the stuff on the right side of your blog so we can check your list from time to time. Then you can say, “hey want to know what I read? go to my blog and click on this link!”
    BTW I would add Tom Peter’s blog.

  4. Thanks Stephen … you should know that I clicked the link above to subscribe … and then this morning when I opened up bloglines I was logged in as you … fluke or bug? I don’t know, but I wanted you to know.

  5. professional web design specialist said

    wow…nice list you got ther! im nearly halfway thru bookmarking those…