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Just what does Google have?

I thought that I would try to make a list of Google’s products. Hmmmm. Seems they’re averaging a new product introduction about every two weeks since they came out of their quiet period after the IPO. Some on this list are fully-formed products, some are beta and some are tools and features. It’s a pretty interesting list.
1. Blogger
2. Froogle (and Froogle Mobile)
3. GMail (or Google Mail)
4. Google AdSense
5. Google Alerts
6. Google Analytics
7. Google Answers
8. Google Base
9. Google Blog Search
10. Google Book Search (formerly Google print)
11. Google Catalogs
12. Google Code
13. Google College Life
14. Google Compute
15. Google Deskbar
16. Google Desktop
17. Google Directory
18. Google Earth
19. Google Firefox Extensions
20. Google Glossary
21. Google Groups
22. Google Homepage
23. Google Image Search
24. Google Labs
25. Google Language Tools
26. Google Local
27. Google Maps
28. Google Mobile
29. Google Movie Showtimes
30. Google News
31. Google Personalized Search
32. Google Personalized Webpage
33. Google Reader
34. Google Ridefinder
35. Google Scholar
36. Google Send to Phone
37. Google Sitemap
38. Google SMS
39. Google Special Searches
40. Google Suggest
41. Google Talk
42. Google Toolbar
43. Google University Search
44. Google Video and Google Video Upload
45. Google Web Accelerator
46. Google Web Search
47. Hello
48. Picasa
49. Google Moon
Anyway, they’re about to hit 50 on my list. I haven’t included the worldwide stuff either – language or ownership stakes. This is a picture of the future but it’s more like an unassembled mosaic. The mosaic tiles are there, they’re on the floor and we don’t know what the picture will look like when it’s done. Howver, something is emerging from the fog of creativity and innovation here. Add in Google’s interest in providing free wireless to San Francisco and their investment in broadband access through the electrical wires and you get an inkling of an intereting future direction.

Posted on: November 23, 2005, 12:40 pm Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Schneidevich said

    don’t forget Google moon!

  2. Some, Like Blogger, Hello and Picasa, were purchased outright rather than developed by Google.
    But, once it is a part of the Google Empire, does it really matter who created it? 😎

  3. There is another version of this list that seems slightly different than yours:

  4. Michael McArthur said

    Hi Stephen, what exactly is your take on this? Pardon me, but I have not heard you speak on the matter. What are your thoughts on Google? I realize that this is a huge question, so if you have any old papers or PowerPoint presentations, I’d love to see them.

  5. Nelson Lam said

    Quite an impressive list….there is at least another one out there…Google’s Sight Seeing

  6. Google Sets is interesting too.