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Political Contributions by Zip Code

Graph/Map Political Contributions by Zip Code
Here’s a cool mashup done by a student, Matthew Kane at Indiana Unversity. Enter a zip code anywhere in the United States (or enter multiple zip codes in a single query) and you get two pie charts and a Google map of campaign donors; you can check it out here.
The map maps out the donors in the zip code area with red and blue markers. Click a marker and you’ll get a name and address, the amount they donated, and to whom they donated. Hmmm – target list by branch!
Obviously it does have some limitations as he notes “that due to limitations in the geocoding as well as my data source this system does NOT work very well for zip codes representing a small population and contributions under $200 are not required to be present in the public databases.” Also this is just maps of contributions for the two major parties in the 2004 presidential campaign so it is just a snapshot. The donations were not just to the two primary presidential candidates, but also to the DNC, RNC, and other candidates like Clark and Dean.
However, it is grist for the mill for those libraries that have local fundraising campaigns and foundations. Gives you a sense of what people will pay for something they believe in – like libraries.
In addition to your own zip codes (work and home), try 90210 for fun.

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