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Academic Libraries – Nip and Tuck Edition

Stephen Bell has an interesting (and radical) entry on ACRLog about makeovers for academic libraries. You can find it here.
Based on Business Week’s Jan. 9th column (Jon Fine’s “The Daily Paper of Tomorrow” – no longer free online) that reimagines another information service under competitive stress – the daily newspaper. Stephen uses the six insight areas from the column to spark a discussion on libraries with some thougtful comments too.
1. Steal From Google
2. Bifurcate
3. Redeploy Mercilessly
4. Increase Local Coverage
5. Redesign Your Premium Product
6. Use Your Readers
I love his conclusion:
“This has been a challenging exercise, and I suspect it holds up better in certain places than others. Clearly there are some ideas and practices that academic librarians should be comtemplating as we look at how different industries respond to a future where there are constant challenges from Internet competitors.”

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