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Library 2.0 Resources on Steroids

Well, there are some exciting new things available in the Library 2.0 discussion (or ‘good ideas worth stealing’ for some folks):
ALA has launched a six week course (an unconference?) called Getting Started with Library 2.0 Innovation Bootcamp. This looks very cool!
The resource list supporting the course is amazing. Check it out!
The course leaders (the inestimable Michael Stephens and Jenny Levine) have used the new “lens” creator Squidoo to build a Library 2.0 reading list. I love the Squidoo concept and will blog about it later when I get a chance. Mark my words, Squidoo is a major innovation and we’ll all be talking about ‘lens’ soon.
Anyway, these resources are fantastic and will only grow with time. Here they are:
The Squidoo-based Pre-work Library 2.0 Reading List:
The Library 2.0 Innovation Bootcamp Blog:
Reading List:
Advanced Reading List: (optional)
And, by coincidence, two other new resources, Wikis, arrived in my aggregator at the same time as this Library 2.0 stuff but related to it.
First, the Library 2.0 Wiki. It’s new and shows great promise. You’ll find ideas worth stealing here. Participate.
Second, Amanda Etches-Jonhnsonfrom blogwithoutalibrary has put up the Blogging Libraries Wiki. It’s here. Great work Amanda!
Add these to the Library Success Wiki from Meredith Farkas and you’ve got a great set of resources for innovation in libraries (Library 2.0, Ideas Worth Stealing, or whatever you want to call it).

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