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Urban Libraries Council

I have been neglectful in not pointing to this study conducted by the Urban Libraries Council. It is called The Engaged Library: Chicago Stories of Community Building. While it includes a great series of stories (can you collect your own?), I like the toolkit at the end and executive summary.
Here are their lessons learned.
1. Get outside the doors. Successful community/library relationships are proactive.
2. Find the leaders.
3. Be creative about what the library can contribute.
4. Discover and contribute to the unique capacities and conditions of the community.
5. Support local businesses and institutions.
6. Make the library building a community center.
7. Create a community-minded culture among library staff and volunteers.
8. Support library investments that jump start community redevelopment efforts.
It also includes an Engaged Library Toolkit with worksheets or engagement maps to get you started. Very cool.

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  1. Stephen, thanks for the mention and the referral. A great deal of credit on this report goes to Northwestern University’s Asset Based Community Development Program and Danielle Milam, ULC Sr. VP for Programs and Development.
    Thanks again!