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The End!

Jian Ghomeshi is one of the nextgen TV hosts in Canada on CBC NewsWorld (Canada’s CNN). He is the pop culture specialist at CBC. In early May he did a three part TV show on “The End” where each part is 22.22 minutes long. The three parts are on the topics of the end of TV, the end of radio and the end of print.
You can link to, save and play all three (in Windows Media Player or Quicktime) here. (Remember you can right click to make these play half or full screen.)
These videos might make fun staff lunchtime sessions to support a good discussion about the future. They also might make cool events for the library to create discussion groups for teens. seniors, trustees, etc. A quick 22 minute video and then start talking. They’re easy to project on a big screen too, although the quality of web videos leaves a bit to be desired.
Oh yeah, my favourite clip? Margaret Atwood asks Jian if he’s ever had his system crash. Jian says yes. Peggy says “Books don’t crash”.

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