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Dysfunctional Behaviours Caused by Information Politics

One of the great KM Gurus in Toronto, Dave Pollard, author of the How to Save the World Blog, did a great post recently on dysfunctional information behaviours. They’re worth a read here. He notes that these behaviours fall into four categories: information politics, information unawareness, faulty sensemaking and poor reward systems.
Dysfunctional Behaviours Caused by Information Politics:
Shoot the Messenger
Peer-to-Peer Preference
Help Friends / Hurt Foes
Cult of Leadership
Louder Voices
Like-Mind Groupthink
Cult of Expertise
Dysfunctional Behaviours Caused by Information Unawareness:
‘Cost of Not Knowing’ Unawareness
Unawareness of What Others We Meet Know
Personal Content Mismanagement
Dysfunctional Behaviours Caused by Faulty Sense-Making
Frame Dependency
Information Overload
Can’t Tell All We Know
Preference for Images & Stories
Different Ways of Learning
JIT vs. JIC (Half-Life of Learning
Dysfunctional Behaviours Caused by Poor Reward Systems:
From-Scratch Satisfaction
Better Safe than Sorry
Tragedy of the Commons
Competing on the Curve
Reward-Driven Behaviours Don’t Last
No Reward for Sharing
Fun vs Effectiveness
The details for each item are in the post and are well worth the read. It’s a special librarian’s elevator speech list.

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