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eBooks Hit the Mainstream

Just in case you were wondering if e-books have hit the mainstream yet, Harlequin (Canada’s largest pubisher)has expanded its e-book program based on real “overwhelming” success. It probably cannot be said that these e-books are for a specialized market of technogeeks. This is the romance of reading central.
From on May 31st:
Harlequin Releasing Electronic “Minis”
At the recent International Digital Publishing Forum in New York City, Malle Vallik, Harlequin Enterprise’s director of New Business Development, revealed that since launching an ebook line of its signature Romance novels in October 2005 with 65 titles, the response has been so overwhelming that the publisher is moving 40 percent of its frontlist into the digital realm by this July. As a bonus, Harlequin is launching “Harlequin Minis,” 10,000-word short stories that can be downloaded for 99ยข. Harlequin also is launching an ebook store as part of its site.”
I wonder if there area couple of good ideas for libraries here too. After all libraries can beat the price! After all, I read recently that in China eBooks are now the preferred format.

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