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Being Mobile

Picked this up on another blog, but this article shows some neat numbers.
“-Over one trillion text messages were sent via mobile phones worldwide in 2005.
-One billion mobile phones will be sold in 2006 (812 million sold in 2005)
-The mobile phone is the most common electronics device in the world and considered the fourth window of content after television, the big screen and the personal computer.
– Asia Pacific is the world’s largest mobile phone market.
– There are 409 million mobile phone users in China as of the end March 2006.
– There are more mobile users than landline customers in China.
– During the recent Chinese New Year season, 2.7 billion SMS-es were sent.
– About 50% of all handsets shipped around the world have inbuilt cameras.”
This has changed in such an amazingly fast time. Are we ready in North America for when this revolution really takes off? Can libraries be easily accessible in a .mob world? Are we ready for audiobooks and music through the library to smartphones? Almost I’ll bet. Some libraries are already experimenting well.
Now South Korean offers recently started offering all TV there for free to all digital phones. Cool. Remember when TV was free in North America? Anyone still see a sea of antennae out their windows? I don’t even remember seeing people taking them down! They just vanished. I wonder where old phones go to die.

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