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The New Google Toolbar

I am not a big fan of toolbars but, as toolbars go, the Google Toolbar that came off beta this week, is pretty good. I have to admit it’s installed in my browsers.
Ben Lewis, the toolbar product manager at Google says that his favorite feature is custom buttons. There are over 600 buttons already in the button library and you can roll your own too. You can create special buttons to do custom searches, feeds, bookmarks, blogs and more.
This might be a good productivity tool. At a minimum it would cut keystrokes in half for oft-visitied sites. Works for both MSIE and Firefox. If you’re promoting certain features like your library search site, intranet, licnesed resurces, etc. you might want to consider installing your buttons with the enterprise edition.

Posted on: July 28, 2006, 11:31 pm Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Nice tip. Yet another interesting way of pushing our your feed. I gave it a whirl and setup a Custom Button for my site and added the GoogleToolBar to my list of feeds in the left side-bar of Another Chance To See. I like how the custom button provides a Firefox-LiveBookmark-esque menu in the Internet Explorer Google Toolbar. I need to work on my button image though…
    It would appear Google Toolbar for Firefox is not yet equipped to use custom buttons. The Google landing page says so (and I’m on the latest version), so for now I’ve limited the option to IE users using the IE conditional comment hack…