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Getting Ready for MS Vista Media

As we approach a new world that’s even more media oriented, the features and functions we will come to expect will get more complex, comlicated and confusing. Aarghhh. Anyway, Gizmodo has a nice bulleted list of 32 new media features in Vista from Microsoft. Here they are or check the link.
Support for 64bit machines
You can upgrade to Windows Vista Media Center from XP
Media Center is included as part of two Windows Vista SKUs
No need to buy a Media Center. You can install yourself.
Domain join
Available worldwide in every locale that we ship Windows to (160 new locales! 15 new languages!)
More content on screen in our photos/music/videos/TV librariesFaster perf for the music library
OCUR/CableCARD support
It was very hard to use a mouse in MCE 2005. We’ve made some big improvements to mouse handling.
Likewise, hard to use with a touch screen before, should be better now
Run on your Tablet PC
New start menu to get you to where you want to be faster
Start photo slideshow from Music Now Playing
Now playing item on the start menu, should be more discoverable
More ways to slice and dice your music collection
New music Now Playing
Way better queue management
View photos and videos by folder or date
Mini TV guide
TV favorites/most viewed
TV categories is now discoverable
TV guide is an overlay
Easy to get to TV categories
Thumbnails in recorded TV library
PAL exhaustive channel scanning
Microsoft DVD codec
Native burning solution
Extender platform. Now any hardware manufacturer can integrate a MCX into their TV, DVD player, etc.
Tighter integration on start menu for third parties. You’re no longer buired in More Programs
Windows Media Center Presentation Layer, now you can build apps that have the same fidelity as Media Center
Windows Presentation Foundation, re-use your Avalon code to build Media Center applications
I don’t understand all of them but I expect that I will as I get more addicted to online media.

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