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Canadian Internet Weirdness

Here’s the newly released Statistics Canada study on how Canadians differ in their Internet use.
The Internet: Is It Changing the Way Canadians Spend Their Time?
“This study aims to develop a better understanding of the social impacts associated with Internet use in Canada. Although much work has been accomplished on the penetration and use of the Internet, this study uses data from the General Social Survey (GSS), Cycle 19: Time Use to better understand how personal use of the Internet fits in the day-to-day lives of Canadians. The survey provides a time-diary
account of respondent activities over a 24-hour period, enabling detailed comparisons among heavy Internet users, moderate users, and non-Internet users and their time allocation decisions.
Heavy Internet users – defined as those spending more than one hour on the Internetfor personal use during the diary day – lead lifestyles that are considerably different from non-Internet users and even moderate Internet users. The greatest difference is that they spend significantly less time at paid work. They also spend less time on domestic work and on personal care activities such as sleep and relaxation. Students and the unemployed are most likely to be heavy Internet users. In addition, they are typically young and a considerable proportion are male (59%).
Heavy Internet users spent more time alone during the diary day than non-Internetusers, even when compared to people of the same social and demographic background. Although they spent less time with family and friends, many heavy Internet users participated in online activities involving social interaction, such as email or chatting with others.”
Feeling alone, geeky, and male,

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