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Idaho Vision 2020

Wow!! What a conference!
The Idaho Commission for Libraries (State Library) hosted a conference on Digital Natives for two days in Boise in July. Speakers included Sarah Houghton, Aaron Schmidt, Alane Wilson and me.
They videotaped most of the conference so I’ll provide a link when that goes up.
Until then, here’s a link to my keynote PPT entitled “The Information Tornado: Taming the Information Surge“.
I am also looking forward to seeing the streaming video of the panel interviews I did with a great crew of millennials. Very interesting. It was blogged here, here , here, here, and here.
Also, if you get a chance, the Idaho Vision 2020 document is good and they’re actually making it live instead of gathering dust. Cool.

Posted on: August 4, 2006, 11:23 pm Category: Association Presentations

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