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Texting doesn’t hurt grammar: Study

OK, here’s a University of Toronto study that shows that texting and IM don’t hurt grammar. It’s reported in yesterday’s Toronto Star (I don’t know how long this link will last on this site so go there quickly and print.
Texting doesn’t hurt grammar: Study
Instant messaging could actually be strengthening teenagers’ English, study finds
Aug. 2, 2006. 02:14 PM
“Hmm. Omg. Only a tiny fraction of teenage text messaging includes short forms, according to a new University of Toronto study, dispelling the myth their grammar is deteriorating.
A two-year study of more than one million words of text messaging between 71 Toronto teens found their unique shorthand not only forms just 2.4 per cent of their online dialogue, it also shows a versatility and adaptability that may actually strengthen their command of the language.”
Follow the link for the full page article.
Finally some research to tell adults to chill out. Please excuse any grammar errors in this posting. 😉

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