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Libraries and Our Passion

OK – you invest your heart and soul and a considerable amount of time in your library and your profession.
Does Google?
“Google’s top executives have offloaded about $7.4 billion of stock, equal to about a third of the company’s starting market value when it sold shares at $85 each in the August 2004 IPO,” says Bloomberg columnist, Mark Gilbert. Not only that, he reports “not a single Google insider has bought a single share of the company in the 18 months since the IPO lock-ups expired.”
Search Engine Watch commentary here.
Bloomberg story here.
“Google’s Own Executives Rate the Shares `Sell'”
Hmmm – I’ll show you my commitment if you’ll show me yours. There’s a world of difference between working for your community and working for yourself.

Posted on: August 18, 2006, 10:02 am Category: Uncategorized