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The Google Office Suite Launch

Google has finally launched it’s MS Office competitive threat today:
You can read more at Information Week.
“Google this week will launch Google Apps for Your Domain, a software bundle aimed at small and midsize companies. The free, ad-supported package combines Google’s E-mail, calendar, and instant messaging with Web site creation software. It will be hosted in Google’s data center, branded with customers’ domain names, and packaged with management tools for IT pros. That’s the first step. Later this year, Google plans to add its Writely word processor and Google Spreadsheets to the suite, build online collaboration features that work across its applications, and market the whole package to large companies for a fee. Google will include IT-friendly features such as APIs, directory-server integration, guaranteed performance levels, and telephone tech support.”
So we’re seeing the beginnings of the new Millennium version of the DOS/Apple wars, Beta/VHS, etc. wars. Loads of questions to ask. For instance, are small/medium sized libraries more like enterprises and institutions or small and medium-sized businesses? If Google is getting less about “search”, what will it be about more?
More can be read more from the NYT here and at Techmeme here.


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