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Streaming on Your Website

This posting from Mark Spivey at OnlineAmazing is very interesting. It’s called: “11 practical reasons why streaming video should be considered as a vital marketing tool to add to your website.”
1. Limited Screen Space.
2. Computer Screen Readability
3. Scanning habits of visitors.
5. Consistency of Message Delivery.
6.The Phenomenon of Multitasking.
7. Branding – Creating a Personality.
8. Cost Effectiveness and ease of use.
9 Trust and association.
10. It’s a well known medium that is still unique enough to attract attention.
11 And finally… You can effectively demonstrate your product.
So, read the post.
Waiting, waiting…
OK, so, does this apply to libraries?
Have you put a YouTube or producer driven trailer for any of your DVD collection on your website?
Are you using any streaming on your library MySpace page?
How about the enhanced Syndetics feed from SirsiDynix, and using streaming author video interviews to enhance your book clubs? Ohhhhh, imagine One City, One Book promotion now.
How about streaming video of happy kids at teddy bear night, or pajama night, or sleepover night, or Moms and tots, or story hour… Saying the kids had a great time and showinng the kids having a great time . . . no competition.
Gaming nights, rock the shelves nights… everyone can see the fun, and insert the video of smailing, rockin’ kids holding up their library cards, books, and DVD’s.
Why, even seeing happy users (cUStomERS) borrowing books can be engaging. Lordy, you can capture this on a phone!
We otten wish we have loads of public service announcements (PSA’s) on TV to promote our libraries. Why not just make our own and put them on YouTube, MySpace et al and our own sites. That’s where our sweet spot of users are anyway.
Anyone thinking how a local oral history project capturing seniors stories would play here. Wow, posterity.
Be creative. Be ironic. Be cool, sick, whatever…Have fun with it!

Posted on: September 18, 2006, 4:32 pm Category: Uncategorized