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User-centric Innovation

I’ve used most of these techniques over time but I’ve rarely seen them in such a good, simple list. Patricia Seybold summarizes the list she learned from Professor Eric von Hippel at the MIT Innovation Lab:
“(1) Foment organizational transformation from the outside in — invite lead users to create derivative works out of your intellectual property, to share their creative ideas with one another, and to build their own “solutions” (gadgets, mash ups, applications, etc.) leveraging your company’s branded IP;
(2) Host co-design sessions with lead users;
(3) Encourage customers to contribute ideas and content, to pose and solve problems, and to interact with one another in public online community spaces;
(4) Encourage your own employees to leverage customer-contributed content, ideas, and deliverables;
(5) Provide tools — like high-level programming languages and toolkits to promote lead user innovation — and offer training on those tools;
(6) Get all your stakeholders aligned around customers’ desired outcomes;
(7) Create expert networks and link customers to networks of experts;
(8) Empower local community-based problem solving;
(9) Provide tools to end users/customers to manage their own complex situations rather than trying to do things for them;
(10) Provide electronic design tools to interested end users/customers to design their own products and to design your company’s products in open design communities;
(11) Encourage customer designers to critique and vote on each others’ work;
(12) Harvest user-generated ideas from across the Internet.”
Check out the full list here.
As with anything to do with innovation, it’s easier to make a list than to keep focused.

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