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Seth Godin on your site’s traffic

Do you have a website? Seth Godin offers a good posting on how to drive more traffic to it for free:
“Rule #1: If you have a site, you want more traffic.
Rule #2: You don’t have enough money to buy as much traffic as you need.
Rule #3: You’ve already made your site as compelling as you know how to.”
He recommends 8 free things you can do to increase traffic. The 8 in summary list are:
1. Register with Technorati
2. Become a Digger
3. Build a Squidoo lens (Godin is involved in this one)
4. Get your team to spread the word – Reddit,
5. Issue a press release but only if you have something to say
6. Get a sister site for testing
7. Google Analytics
8. Don’t be boring. You have no right to traffic. If you’re lucky, you earn some.
The full posting is short and worth a read. Read his Book “Purple Cow” too.
I’d add register your physical addresses with Google Maps. Learn how to optimize for search engine crawlers.

Posted on: September 24, 2006, 10:57 pm Category: Uncategorized

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