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The Evolution of Office Applications

How would we live without our office suites? Word processing, spreadsheets, calendars, databases, browsers, and more, Oh My!
Michael Casey at LibraryCrunch has a good posting on the predicted changes and a timeline:
“Office 1.0 (1980s): a set of discrete and often incompatible applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation creation, and simple database management. Archetype: Lotus 1-2-3.
Office 2.0 (1990 – present): integrated suites of PPAs, with expanded, if still limited, collaboration capabilities. Archetype: Microsoft Office.
Office 3.0 (present – early 2010s): hybrid desktop/web suites incorporating internet-based tools and interfaces to facilitate collaboration and web publishing.
Office 4.0 (c. early 2010s): fully web-based suites.”
Google’s partnership with Sun Microsystems and its acquisition or internal development of Google Writely, Google at Base, Google Spreadsheets and Google Calendar, to name a few, show evidence of the trend to this happening very quickly. Call it convergence or integration or whatever. It’s not about the individual applications but the overall platform and ecology of work. Is it going to look like a revolution or evolution? I suspect it will just be roller coaster, uneven, jerky change.
Remember how we saw predictions of the browser being the main entry point? Now we see that its probably not and the Internet/Web is a much more complex beast.

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