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Information Fluency

Laurie the Librarian is reporting on a discussion on the ili-l@ala listserv on alternatives to saying “library instruction.”
Here’s their list so far:
Library Instruction Class
Information Literacy Class
Information Competence Instruction
Library Research
Instructional Library Research
Information Literacy Instruction
Research Instruction
Information Research
Information & Research Literacy
Research & Information Literacy
Research Education
Beyond Google
The Information Code
Better Research–Faster
The Process of Research
Information Systems Instruction
Information Research Strategies Library Training
Library Research Instruction
Information Fluency
Steven Bell also commented on my dislike for the term “information literacy” after I’ve made clear my dislike in a few speeches lately.
I believe it goes something like this: “Why do we market one of our key products and competencies under the term ‘information literacy’. Is it great marketing to make your customers admit to to being illiterate in order to buy into your service? Are Beauty Salons called Ugly Repair Rooms? Is perfume called stink remover and marketed to smelly folks who must admit that in the first step of a 12 step program? Are we founding Library Illiterates Anonymous without the anonymous? So let’s remember that amongst us chickens, the professionals who know the deep stuff, we can call it information literacy but for others let’s find other words that meet our goals better. Let’s find better marketing hooks to lure in the great unwashed information user.”
I’ll bet there are boundless attempts at fun marketing out there for library research skills training. Leave some in the comments if you can remember some. Something like:
Pimp Your Research Skills
Library Research Bling
Roll Your Own Research Paper
Pass that essay next time!
Research Tricks and Secrets
Citations on the Plane (with cool movie poster mashup)
Stay The Course. Mighter Marks with Better Research
Clicks and Tricks in the Library
Between Google and Catalogue
Deal or No Deal: Research Tricks
There’s nothing wrong with a little fun in our marketing.

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