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The Future of eLearning

Gary Price at ResourceShelf points us to a 90 Minute webcast on e-learning:
Video Webcast: The Future of e-Learning
Andrew Pinder, Chairman of the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta), discusses his vision of the future of e-learning. What are the key challenges for building a technological and institutional infrastructure for education in the 21st century?
Steven Bell notes at The Kept Up Academic Librarian that increase in distance learners is defying predictions that it should be plateauing. From Steven’s post:
“Roughly one in six students enrolled in higher education — about 3.2 million people — took at least one online course last fall, a sharp increase defying predictions that online learning growth is leveling off. A new report scheduled for released Thursday by The Sloan Consortium, a group of colleges pursuing online programs, estimates that 850,000 more students took online courses in the fall of 2005 than the year before, an increase of nearly 40 percent. Last year, the group had reported slowing growth, prompting speculation the trend had hit a ceiling. Read more at:
Despite the barriers and less than optimal learning experience, distance education is growing. While it’s not clear from the CNN article I think it really counts just regular higher ed enrollment and not continuing education and other types of off-the-shelf learning. It’s a trend that can’t be ignored.

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