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Broadband Personas

Here’s an interesting grouping of broadband personas that I picked up from Gwen at Internet News.
The full article by Enid Burns called “Five Personalities Emerge From Broadband Users” is here.
Good insights include:
“Broadband users are often characterized as “one homogenous group of people,” [and like most generalizations, they’re not!]
“Broadband growth has continued at a 60 percent compound annual growth rate, reaching one-third of all Americans over age 13.”
“Its adoption has created a population of five segments with unique characteristics: content king; social clicker; online insider; fast tracker; and everyday pro.”
“The content king looks to the Web for entertainment. … Social clickers, who skew both young and old, use the Internet as a means of communication. … The online insider consumes content across the broader Web. … Fast trackers typically use the Internet to seek out news and information. … The everyday pro is characterized by personal productivity and efficiency and looks to the Internet to fulfill those needs.”
It’s an interesting article with more detail on each persona.

Posted on: November 22, 2006, 2:19 pm Category: Uncategorized

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