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Gaming and Libraries

This is bound to be a bestseller!
“What if traditionally apathetic library users were instead motivated to get up early on a Saturday morning and plead for library staff members to open the doors?” author Jenny Levine asks in the introduction to “Gaming and Libraries: Intersection of Services,” the 5th issue in volume 42 of Library Technology Reports.
I can hardly wait to read it.
Now – How many libraries have already ordered their shiny new PS3’s and Wii’s and games to be the coolest kids on the block and attract the next generation of users into their branches? Have you got the gaming mags on the shelf? How about a few books that support avatar creation and backstory development? Graphic novels seem a good fit… Hmmmm seeems to like a strategy…

Posted on: November 27, 2006, 1:34 pm Category: Uncategorized