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Top 8 YouTube Videos

OK – we haven’t been to a holiday party yet where someone didn’t take a group off to the PC to view their favourite YouTube video. It’s the latest watercooler chat too. Anyway, it’s pretty mainstream now.
“The Associated Press released a list of their Top 10 YouTube videos a few weeks back. And we did a Top 10 Political Videos list back in September. So here’s The Bivings Report derivative post listing our Top 8 YouTube videos of 2006.
(8) Microsoft designs the Ipod packaging….
(7) Real life Simpson’s intro….
(6) cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya….
(5) Conan O’Brien 1864 baseball….
(4) Cartman sings ” O Holy Night” on South Park….
(3) Video showing the greatest dad ever (background here, it’s a tear jerker)…
(2) A really bad criminal tries to rob a convenience store….
(1) The Internet is a “Series of Tubes” video from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. We just can’t get enough of this one….

Posted on: December 23, 2006, 8:30 pm Category: Uncategorized