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What are the 10 largest databases

What are the 10 largest databases in the world? According to Business Intelligence Lowdown, there they are:
Top 10 Largest Databases in the World
10. Library of Congress
9. Central Intelligence Agency
8. Amazon
7. YouTube
6. ChoicePoint
5. Sprint
4. Google
3. AT&T
2. National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
1. World Data Centre for Climate
and others . . .
United States Customs
You can find more details here.
It seems a little U.S.-centric but it’s still an interesting list. Why does Google hit #4 and Yahoo, Ask and MSN not make the list? Are there no huge UK, Russian, Chinese, EU databases? It appears that they don’t include too many private ones – NASA, Dialog, LexisNexis, etc.

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