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San Mateo Public Library

Here’s the PowerPoints from the Staff Day at San Mateo Public Library. (Thanks LibrarianInBlack!)
A Tech Forecast: Library 2.0 in the Real World

Posted on: April 25, 2007, 2:25 pm Category: Assorted PPT's

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  1. Hi Stephen,
    When was this? I actually attend this school and have no recollection of hearing anything about you coming…
    Am I just deaf and/or blind or was it exclusively for a certain group of professors and students?
    I assume you’re really responding to the post on Danish library schools and not San Mateo PL. I was there March 13th. I saw dozens of posters throughout the school and there were about 60 people there in the main auditorium. Sorry you missed it.

  2. Yes of course. It is proven: I AM blind and probably deaf too. Been through your PowerPoint and trying to imagine what you’ve been saying along the way. Clearly better than nothing.
    I’m doing a paper right now on Folksonomies. Or rather, we’re supposed to do a system analysis and make a cataloguing system for a large photo collection in a small local community.
    My professor is wonderful, but very old-school librarian and she’s more than sceptical towards the partly userdriven approach I’ve taken to the assignment.
    Will be interesting…

  3. It’s actually the San Mateo County Library ( The San Mateo Public Library is a city library. Ah, the confusions of County/City libraries…