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Pew Report on A Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users

I have finally had the chance to read through this report. It’s great although some people are reading too much into the labels.
A Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users
It’s a long one but read it. It covers an interesting prposal for various profiles of web users. The interesting part is that Web 2.0 is much farther along than I thought it was. Great.
Out of the survey findings, Pew developed a categorization scheme based on ten types that fit into three broad categories:
Elite users (31 percent)
Middle of the road users (20 percent)
Those with few “tech assets” and limited use of technology
With 31% already in the slot that can take and can choose to take advantge of tese technological tools, we have a much larger market of ‘talented’ and ‘connected’ users than we might assume. It’s certaily well past the 15 chasm in Geoffrey Moore’s adoption curve in his book Crossing the Chasm.

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