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Where is Google Trying to “Win”

Here’s a neat post that looks into where Google is focusing on winning. The short list of 10 is:
Start Pages
Social Networking
Photo Sharing
Office Suite
It’s an interesting list with lots of competition in every space. Mashable’s take on everything Google is interesting and here’s their conclsion:
“The Future”
As the most watched, scrutinized, and reported-on company in the web space, Google’s every move is analyzed by competitors big and small. Its rapid expansion into areas beyond search and seemingly insatiable appetite for acquisitions has the company strongly positioned to dominate numerous key parts of the Internet. However, we should be reminded that not everything Google touches turns to gold; for example, the demise of Google Answers and the demotion of Froogle. Stay tuned for what are sure to be hundreds of announcements in the years to come.”
I agree. It’s worth watching (and all the other sites in the posting). This is a key part of our library environment and the real world of our users. Can we play well with others, integrate into our users’ spaces? Are we competing here – maybe but not too much. Libraries are about learning, community, and interaction and personal service. That’s a long way from a focus on ads and developing a phone.

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