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Charity and One Laptop Per Child

This is a limited time offer and it’s not a scam. Starting Nov. 12th 2007 you can buy one of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) $100 US XO Laptops! Note the cute WiFi antenna.
There is a catch? You can only do it for just two weeks. It’s only open to folks in the United States and Canada and you actually have to buy two of them – one for yourself and one for a child in the developing world. But that’s not too tough to take. All in all it’ll cost about $399.00 US. If you’re even more altruistic you can buy one for a kid in a developing country for $200.00 US. (I’ll bet that most of you are just too curious so will buy two – check it out, write blog posts and reviews – and then give another one away!)
Links to more info here and here.
The offer is the OLPC Foundation’s way of meeting their goal of getting more laptops into needy kid’s hands. They also sell copies direct to governments for about $188.00 US.
“Via Curt Priest, a tech guru at LINCT, here are some details from the Boston Globe: “For consumers in the United States, the interest in the laptop may not be based on its operating system, but on its easy-to-use interface; its adorable attributes, including the XO tattoo on the back that can be customized in different colors; and its altruistic mission.”
And if you’re just interested in seeing what’s under the hood of MIT’s Nick Negroponte’s big idea . . .
Or if you’re looking for a year end giving opportunity….

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