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Impressive MySpace Presences

OK – some public libraries have really pulled out all the stops in MySpace!
One of my favourites is Hennepin County’s. Check it out at:
It has the OPAC on their main page (and paste it into your MySpace page).
Music plays when you arrive.
They’re hitting 1,000 friends (some are library folk)
You can connect to the Ask a Librarian service
New book, DVD and music lists and you can place holds.
They’ll share their secrets with you too.
Animation tools! and displays.
Their blog is promoting a teen YouTube contest, the Harry & The Potters concert, and clubs.
And much more…
LibraryLoft at Imaginon (Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenberg County)
I like that they don’t label it as a library site.
MySpace safety tips
Gaming tournaments (Super Smash Brothers)
Summer reading
Celebrity YouTube interviews (by the cardholders)
OPAC access
IM via Meebo to the library
Library calendar
User podcasts
User created projects – poetry and lyrics
Decloaked staff by name!
OK, I’ll admit these are some of the most creative SirsiDynix clients. They’ve won awards for this stuff. What is amazing is that they don’t just get the first iteration out there, receive kudos and stop. They just keep getting better and adding new stuff. And that’s worth respect and attention.
Let’s remember that every kid we don’t get into the library is one less borrower, one lonelier book on the shelf, one more empty chair in our space.
Theft of ideas is the sincerest form of library flattery! Steal these ideas.
Any favourites of your own? Add them in the comments.
Has anyone published a book about MySpace in Libraries yet? I’ve seen the library oriented Wiki, blogs, IM and RSS books. I’d like to buy a MySpace primer / survey.

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  1. Interesting blog! I am a librarian at the National Library of New Zealand working to inform music producers of their obligation to the Legal Deposit process here in NZ. We created a myspace profile for the Legal Deposit Office and have found it to be a great way to communicate directly with independent music producers.