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Next Two Weeks

I am excited about the next two weeks.
I head out today to visit Australia again for the second time in a month. Such a cool country! I’ll visit the State Library of Victoria and see their amazing Learning 2.0 launch. Over 1,000 library workers are signed up statewide to learn new things quickly. Wow! I don’t think Helene Blowers could have dreamed how big her little 15 minutes a day project would get or I couldn’t have imagined what my little coluimn about chunked learning could be a pebble thrown into the pond. Now hundreds of libraries and thousands of library workers are working through the things they need to experience and learn. Amazing initiatives and ideas are growing like daisies! I even visited a client last week, Indiana’s Allen County Public Library, that launched their 21 Things project. Their cool innovation is that they’ve invited their community of users to learn along with them. As Michael Stephens’ would say “How hot is that?!”
I am visiting CAVAL in Melbourne and interviewing a bunch of Millennials. These sessions are the most fun I have. These kids are always amazing and so interesting.
I am then heading to Adelaide to do a session for the Australian School Library Association Conference. I adore teacher-librarians and everyone in school libraries.
Then we all head to CODA (our customer conference in Canberra) for the Asia-Pacific region. That will be great fun.
Then I return to London to keynote the Internet Librarian International conference. I am missing Thanksgiving at home but couldn’t resist. (Hopefully Stephanie will forgive me.) I’ve attended most ILI conferences and they’re excellent.
On the way home I head back through Richland County Library in South Carolina. They’re cool and ‘green’. We just launched the SchoolRooms project with the SC State Library, statewide. Very exciting.
And to top it off I head to Iowa for the first time. I keynote the Iowa LA conference and visit with some local SLA members too.
I’ll arrive home tired but with a wealth of new insights and perspectives.

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