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Universal Avatars?

I just found out about this and it’s so logical!
I’ve pointed to Gartner Group’s prediction that over 80% of Internet users will use an avatar to interact with the web by 2012.
Tie that to the estimate that IBM has over 400 programmers working on Second Life.
Now this announcement:

IBM working with Second Life creator for “universal avatar”

Trendwatch by Mark Raby, Thursday, October 11, 2007
San Francisco (CA) – IBM wants to create a new standard for virtual worlds, allowing users to create one profile for use in several different applications.
“IBM is teaming up with Linden Labs, the name behind the Internet phenomenon Second Life. Together they hope to create interoperability between various virtual worlds.
As it stands now, users have to create their own avatar for every online game they own. That can sometimes take hours, depending on how much customization users want.”
“The two companies will be talking about their ideas this week at a virtual worlds conference in San Francisco. Investments in the industry of virtual worlds totaled more than $1 billion in the last 12 months.”
This makes so much sense. Proprietary stuff and walled gardens have been the enemy of growth on the Internet. Having portable avatar(s) that carry my identity, safely between worlds and applications is a Holy Grail for the future. It’s neat to see some effort going into interoperability and portability early.

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