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Top US Social Networking Sites

From Search Engine Journal
“Nielson/NetRatings has put out a report on the top 10 social sites and blog sites. I think there are some interesting findings such as Myspace still being on top of the social space. “ continues to sit comfortably atop the rankings of top US social-networking sites with 58.6 million unique visitors in September, according to a custom list of top US social networking sites.”
Here are the Oct. 2007 rankings:
1. MySpace
2. Facebook
3. Classmates Online
4. Windows Live Spaces
5. AOL Hometwon
7. LinkedIn
8. AOL People Connection
9. Club Penguin
10. Buzznet
What no Webkinz!? Orkut? Plaxo? I am only slightly embarrassed to say I belong or have belonged to the majority of these. Just call it research. Yes, that’s the ticket.
Check it out.

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  1. ignorance said

    Besides the fact that independent site analytics are kind of creepy, it seems like Nielsen’s site ratings are of more interest to investors than librarians.
    Unless I am mistaken, they are measuring how much traffic US social networking companies get and *not* how much US residents use which sites. What’s most important is to find out what’s being used locally in our own communities.