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Facebook Gathers Ad Execs For A First Look At Targeting Plans
By David Kaplan – Tue 23 Oct 2007 07:16 PM PST
Facebook has been sending select advertising executives a cryptic invitation to an event on Nov. 6, during which the company promises to “unveil a new way of advertising online.” An AdAge piece cites unnamed sources who say that the event will detail how Facebook will target ads to its members even when they’re not on the site. The ad targeting will be based on personal information users have willingly shared with the social net.
Late last month, Facebook trademarked the term “SocialAds.” Citing Facebook’s trademark filing, AdAge said the term is identified as “advertising and information distribution services, namely, providing advertising space via the global computer network [and] promoting the goods and services of others over the internet.” According to the filing, the trademark concept’s first use was Sept. 20.
One unnamed source who spoke to AdAge about Facebook’s plans said the company views SocialAds as a way to challenge Google’s ad targeting services. Still, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) targets users with ads based on their searches, a different proposition than targeting consumers’ online behavior based on a set of self-conscious – sometimes even deceptive – descriptions. ”
Google is already training for SEO and adwords sales based on GIS. All politics may be local but so are ads.
I suppose Google Scholar ads are next… that sweet spot of young targets.
Oh yeah, and apparently Microsoft won the right to invest in/partner with Facebook yesterday. Life is getting interesting in the design-the-new-world-order space. Announcement soon.
Are we comfortable selling our students for ‘free’ access, apps and content? Are we doing enough training for them be aware of their rights with stuff?

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