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Blog Usability

I can’t say that I personally take all the advice here but here it is:
The Ultimate Guide to Blog Usability: 36 Tips and Resources
Here are a few (details in the original post):
Make sure your links are easy to follow
Always connect visitors to appropriate pages.
Navigation Bar
Organize archives
Link your logo to your homepage
Set up your own domain name
Allow visitors to search your site
Link to your blogroll
Related posts
Let readers decide how to open links
Test your links before publishing a post
Match your blog’s title to the Web address
Clearly describe where each link directs readers
Make it easy for readers to digg you
Show your readers that you’re involved with your blog beyond your regular posts
Create an “About” page
Provide contact information
Respond to comments
Develop a short autobiography
Pick a design theme
Choose an editorial theme and stick to it
Replace text with images
Limit the number of animated images you use
Don’t let advertisements dominate your blog
Organize and resize photo images
Use subheadings for long posts
Maintain a consistent writing style
Post articles regularly.
Be aware of your use of color.
The post has a few blogs showing best practices (to copy – grin).
Hmm – I’ve got a few things to do better. Always learning.
p.s. Don’t miss thiis one either:
No More Comment Spam! 46+ Free Tools and Resources to Stop Blog Spammers
My comment spam in running into the thousands every single week. Who are these idiots!?

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  1. Hi, Stephen-
    I saw you at the NYLA conference and have been reading your blog ever since. I always enjoy your enthusiasm and the variety of content in your posts. I don’t read any other blogs on a regular basis but this one. So, whether you’re using all the blog usability guidelines or not, what you’re doing is working for me!