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YouTube Trends and Sources

Asi at No Man’s Blog did this a while back and I think it’s interesting to note the sources of YouTube videos. You know my hobby is to watch library videos instead of CNN when I have free wireless in my hotel!
YouTube Trends Report #5 – series finale (double bill)
Reviewing the 100 most viewed videos of all time ,here’s the categories she finds:
User Generated 39% – there are 3 main categories here:
(1) skills – we are very fascinated by extraordinary skills whether it’s dance, or music, magic or ninja stunts. (11)
(2) new talent stuff: directed/animated – from simple lip syncing, through political commentary to more series budding of talent (20)
(3) home video – cute stuff rules!, as well as some extraordinary things caught on camera. (8)
User Distributed – 30% of which 12 are TV of film moments, 14 music videos, 4 manipulative daft stuff
Commercial 29% – 22 music videos, 4 trailers, 2 ads and this funny SNL video.”
There’s loads more in the original posting.
So what does this mean to libraries? My list of good videos for libraries includes:
1. Libraries have trailers – yes book reviews are not that much different than a DVD trailer.
2. I see libraries linking to movie trailers to promote their DVD’s.
3. Libraries use YouTube to train and transfer skills.
4. Libraries humanize themselves with some excellent and edgy humourous videos.
5. Libraries promote their services with videos of story hours, gaming nights, book talks, rock the shelves events, etc.
6. Libraries have video tours.
7. Libraries promote staff and directors’ skills and personalities.
8. Libraries collect or help create their end users’ video efforts with teen video contests etc.
9. And more (comment with a link if you have some good uses for your library).
Either way, libraries can use YouTube for their own strategic and tactical goals. Hey – quirky skills training – database searching is the new DDR!


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