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Google Grows and Shrinks

Check out these 2007 (over 2006) Google growth numbers at TechCrunch.
Check it out here now.
Did you notice anything unusual?
I find it interesting that:
1. iGoogle growth is incredible – 268%. That’s a pretty clear indication that the end user market might be ready for more personalization tools even if it’s still a small base.
2. Use of Google Scholar declined 32%! Very Interesting. What’s up with that?
3. Use of Book Search is up 55%. But when you look at the numbers you see it might be just a function of small numbers.
4. Clearly Google Maps and gMail are the stars with the most added users. Both provide a firm foundation for localization and local ad strategies.
UPDATE: You can find similar analysis of Yahoo! here.
UPDATE: You can find analysis of here.

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