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Online International in London

I had a nice trip to London for the annual Online International conference. (A side trip to the annual CIty / SLA Europe Holiday party was fun too!)
Here are my PPTs:
Library 2.0: Fact or Fiction?

Posted on: December 27, 2007, 3:45 pm Category: Association Presentations

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  1. Cindy Shamel said

    I sat in on this presentation in London. Well done! Since you mentioned at least twice that context, not content, is king, I wonder if you had a chance to hear any of the free programs under the heading Content in Context Seminars. There were four – one on digitization (ProQuest), two on ebooks (CodeMantra, CISTI, Ingram Digital Group, Innodata Isogen), and one called Context-Sensitive Content: Optimizing Your Customers Workflow (Wolters Kluwer).
    I wonder how or if these sessions in any way reflected your vision of how context is king.
    Well, I’ve worked, partnered or consulted to 3 of the 5…. This is fairly standard in the publishing world at this point. There continues to be pushback from content centric folks.