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Another Public Library Value Study

In the interests of my collection of value studies I’m adding another blog posting about the latest.
One Dollar In, More than Three Out!
New Study Asserts the Economic Value of the San Francisco Public Library System

Conducted by Berk and Associates, study shows that for every dollar spent supporting the San Francisco Public Library, city residents see a return of more than three times that amount
See the press release here.
I particularly liked hte Friends list of the many roles that SFPL plays:
“Lender of books, magazines newspapers, DVDs and video cassettes, CDs and tapes, books on tape and CD, e-books, downloadable audio books, maps, computer files and electronic databases
Provider of public access computers and wireless computer networks
Facilitator of connections to needed social services
Supporter of small and larger businesses, as well as government offices
Recorder and archiver of history
Curator of rare and unique special collections
Host for dynamic cultural and artistic exhibits
Catalyst for quality of life, neighborhood identity, and economic revitalization”
Now that’s a great Friends group!

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