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Emerging Technologies

MIT’s Technology Review has issued a few Special Reports
Next-Generation Search
Surfing TV on the Internet
Google Pledges Transparency, Debuts New Gadgets
Google’s Private Lives
The Search for Voice Activation
Better, More Accurate Image Search
Wikipedians Promise New Search Engine
Tracking Down a Tune
Google: Beyond Good and Evil
Googling for Code
Why AOL Matters
People-Powered Search
Better Search in Virtual Worlds
Your Next Cell Phone
Soul of the Mobile Machine
Transforming Communication
Finding Yourself without GPS
Jott: Calling It In
The Evolution of Wireless
Invisible Revolution
Encryption Software May Halt Wire Tapping
A Sentinel to Screen Phone Calls
Return of the Porta-People
Motorola’s Dumb Phone
Nokia’s GPS-Enabled Pocket Computer
Smart Phone Suggests Things to Do
Q Is for Quixotic
Better Touch Screens for Mobile Phones
Mobile Web Searches Using Pictures
The Promise of Personal Supercomputers
A New Platform for Social Computing: Cell Phones
The Future of Cell Phones
Blogging on the Go
Golden Gate Lark
Phone a Friend over Wi-Fi
Solar Power
Besides the social, green and tehcnical value of solar to the developing world, I could be self cenrtered and hoppe this makes my personal devices cheaper to run. Maybe we can really go wireless and forego plugging in.
Supplying the World’s Energy Needs with Light and Water
Cheap Nano Solar Cells
Cheap, Superefficient Solar
A Sharper Focus for Photovoltaics
Large-Scale, Cheap Solar Electricity
More Efficient Solar Cells
Silicon and Sun
Cheaper, More Efficient Solar Cells Making Gasoline from Carbon Dioxide
Solar-Powered Hydrogen Generation
New Solar Technologies Fueled by Hot Markets
How To Build a Solar Generator
Nanocharging Solar
Holographic Solar
10 Emerging Technologies 2007 (Last year’s)
“1. Peering into Video’s Future – With the Internet being swamped by digital video, peer-to-peer networks may be the answer.
2. Nanocharging Solar – Cheap photovoltaics through quantum-dot solar power.
3. Invisible Revolution – The magic of metamaterials.
4. Personalized Medical Monitors – Computer-automated diagnostics for individuals.
5. Single-Cell Analysis – Analyzing differences between individual cells could make for better medical tests and treatments.
6. A New Focus for Light – New optical antennas that focus light could bring us DVDs that hold hundreds of movies.
7. Neuron Control – A genetically engineered switch lets scientists turn selected parts of the brain on and off–which could lead to new treatments for depression and other disorders.
8. Nanohealing – Stopping bleeding, aiding recovery from brain injury–nanofibers hold life-saving promise.
9. Digital Imaging, Reimagined – “Compressive sensing” could help make the capture of digital images more efficient.
10. Augmented Reality – Digital information, superimposed on the real world.”
10 Emerging Technologies 2008
“Each year, Technology Review publishes its list of 10 emerging technologies that its editors believe will be particularly important over the next few years. This is work ready to emerge from the lab, in a broad range of areas: energy, computer hardware and software, biological imaging, and more. Two of the technologies–cellulolytic enzymes and atomic magnetometers–are efforts by leading scientists to solve critical problems, while five–surprise modeling, connectomics, probabilistic CMOS, reality mining, and offline Web applications–represent whole new ways of looking at problems. And three–graphene transistors, nanoradio, and wireless power–are amazing feats of engineering that have created something entirely new.”
Better Batteries
I find this one really interesting as I spend an inordinate amount of timne remembering to recharge my razer, iPod, phone, DVD player, speakers, etc.
Self-Assembling Batteries
Safer, Longer-Lasting Batteries
3M’s Higher-Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries
Higher-Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries
Battery Breakthrough — An Update
Finally, Better Batteries
Flexible Batteries That Never Need to Be Recharged
Powering GM’s Electric Vehicles
How Future Batteries Will Be Longer-Lasting and Safer
Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries
GE’s Two-Battery Strategy for Fuel-Cell Buses
More Powerful Hybrid Batteries
Safer, Higher-Capacity Batteries
Tomorrow’s Car
I don’t drive but this is interesting.
As we go more green this is interesting too.
This is the 2007 list of top innovators under 35. I feel old. And poor.
Anyway, there is some interesting reading here. If only a few come to pass the world gets more exciting and more challenging.

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