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Tattoo Touch Screens

Who thinks up these concepts? Even I find this one creepy.
Imagine! A touchscreen on your arm as a subcutaneous digital display powered by your own blood. It could be a video phone, a calculator, or more.
Yuck, imagine never being able to forget your phone just to get some peace. (It reminds me about the old joke where a business type receives a fax. If you’ve never heard it I can’t tell you here.) Just think – spam, phishing, and begging phone calls delivered directly to your body.
Here’s one idea I hope never comes to fruition. (Of course the technology that drives this could have excellent medical uses that do make a difference.) I don’t even want to speculate about what the upgrade path looks like. Imagine aging gracefully but having the tattoo equivalent of a rotary dial phone permanently inked on your arm.
Oh well, there’s a little Friday fun.

Posted on: February 22, 2008, 11:43 pm Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Ew. Creepy! It reminds me of Sci Fi. Especially that young adult book: Feed by M.T. Anderson. The characters in that book are all hooked up to the “feed” which “helps” them make consumer choices (among other things).

  2. I’m thinking it wouldn’t be using a QWERTY keyboard…

  3. jack stevenson said

    wowwwww! i want 1

  4. okay seriously how do you get one?

  5. jon jon said

    sign me up im ready lol

  6. jon jon said

    sign me up lol

  7. I bet Steve Jobs has already thought of Apple’s iphone in the arm!


  9. I think that sooner or later these things will be a must have gadget to have… the way i see the technology going i thinks we will have it.