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Fearful Consumer Technologies? has a good article this week;
Nine Consumer Technologies CIOs Fear
By C.G. Lynch
“Some of them get it, and some of them don’t. That’s what our consumer technology survey found when we polled 311 IT decision makers about their views on consumer technologies in the enterprise. The survey found that 54 percent of respondents believe consumer applications are “inappropriate for corporate use,” while more than a third say they take the draconian measure of shutting down any unsupported technology as soon as they detect it.”
What are the top 9?:
Web-Based Productivity Applications
Digital Cameras
Remote Storage
Social Networks
Instant Messaging
Consumer E-Mail
Portable Storage Devices
Interesting. Are some corporations and other enterprises building a wall around themselves? Are they hiding in the Kemlin and remain unknowing about the serfs being restless? It is frightening how many organizations I am in where all staff are restricted from knowing what is going on in the web world and are forced to be uninformed. Of course, serious professionals do searches from home accounts or argue and get a hole burned into their firewall so that they can use the tools necessary for their mandates.
Then again, for some IT types it might be in their best interests to resist some of this stuff since it will make their personal lives easier and reduce complexity. Let someone else deal with the changes in the world after they retire.

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