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Check out this video from the Association of Fraternity Advisors (I guess fraternities are facing challenges):
Are you still relevant?
Hmmm, yes I know she’s annoying.
I guess I might need to get over that.
Love the simple design of the video too.

Posted on: February 25, 2008, 5:50 pm Category: Uncategorized

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  1. To paraphrase Jack Welch, if you have to ask the question, the end is near.
    Check out my post on this topic at

  2. I didn’t find her annoying, but that could be because a lot of my friends talk like that.
    For fraternities (and sororities) the question of relevance has been around for decades, same as with libraries.
    Anyway, this just reminded me that for all those academic librarians out there – fraternities and sororities are probably a great target for library outreach. Many chapters have study groups that meet regularly, and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind working with the library to ensure their members are getting the best preperation for their research needs. (Even if it’s just promoting workshops the library already offers…)

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  4. Great video–she got a little better as the video went on. Too bad they didn’t get with the times and let us post it to our blogs. 😉

  5. I thought you might like to read a blog post I did last in connection the Are You Relevant? video tracking.